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Burke River Trail – Foundation Laid

Burke River Trail Meeting Attendees: Doug Setzer – BCPS Director of Auxiliary Services, Wendi Craven – BCPS Board of Education, Averi Ritchie – WPCOG Planner, Larry Bragg – Natural Land Alliance, Representative Hugh Blackwell, Scott Carpenter – Deputy Burke County Manager, Doug Knight – Valdese Parks and Recreation Director, Shane Gardner – Principal DHS, Doug Hallyburton – Assistant Principal/Athletic Director. Not pictured: Beth Heile – President, Friends of the Valdese Rec

The foundation was laid today for the first section of the Burke River Trail – 4 miles from McGalliard Falls to Valdese Lakeside Park to Draughn High School to a private development. Continue reading

Stream Restoration

On May 6, Resource Institute visited McGalliard Falls Park and Valdese Lakeside Park. They are a stream/river restoration firm (spoke at a Catawba River Wildlife Coalition meeting) and want to help restore McGalliard Creek and the VLP kayak launch area. They are knowledgeable about various grant monies and will be able to match those with current grants and community donations. Getting them involved may slow down park construction – but it will make it better. Continue reading

Stock Donations

Friends of the Valdese Rec now accepts gifts of stock.

We have a brokerage account with First Citizens Investor Services. Contact us for more information.

McGalliard Falls History

In the early days, the Waldenses, who settled Valdese in 1893, enjoyed walking to the Falls on Sunday afternoon – in their church clothes – for a picnic of bread, cheese and fruit. Children would also swim in the area below the Falls.

In 1906, Fred Meytre built a watermill local farmers. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by a flood in 1916. The mill was rebuilt using a turbine and continued operating until 1941. Mr. Meytre was getting older and many workers were being called to serve in WWII. The mill was once again rebuilt in 1982 to get the water wheel turning. The wheel you see today was manufactured onsite to replace the one that was crushed by a tree that fell on the previous wheel in 2016. Continue reading

Trail Camera

Thanks to Ruth Fletcher Gage and Zakk Heile, we are getting a closer look at the wildlife at Valdese Lakeside Park. After Beth Heile commented that she could not get a picture of the otters at the park, Ruth suggested a wildlife camera and that she would fund it. Zakk is in charge of camera operations – camera use, set up, pulling video and pictures.

Several pictures of deer (even 5 at once) have been captured. The picture on the left of the deer is from a video of the deer seemingly checking out the camera.

The video of the Great Blue Heron eating a fish in the cove is incredible. Continue reading

Caterpillar to Butterfly – Conservation Kids

Starting a Butterfly Kit at the first  Conservation Kids monthly program was the plan for March. The goal was to leave the transforming caterpillars at the library for kids to drop in and watch the cycle. However, the virus put a stop to our first meeting and the caterpillars had to be watched through pictures. See the series of pictures over the three week transformation. The painted lady butterflies have been released into the world to be good pollinators.


Private Road?

Companies and individuals are contributing to the success of Valdese Lakeside Park in ways you would never think.

At this time, Valdese Leasing, LLC and Shuford Development, Inc. own the land that Lake Rhodhiss Drive sits on close to Lovelady Road — making it a private road. Continue reading

Here’s to 5 Years!

FVR was officially formed on April 1, 2015. It has been 5 years since FVR formed with the main purpose to help the town acquire the 300 acres of land on Lake Rhodhiss for a park. We are still going strong with amenities coming to Valdese Lakeside Park this year. And, along the way we have held programs and events (for seniors, kids & everyone), beautified parks and raised lots of money. None of this would have been possible without our members, donors, volunteers and participants! We were hoping to celebrate together today, but as with everything social, it will have to wait!! Right now, the plan is for Wednesday, June 3.

Trail Building Continues

After 9 trail building workdays, amazing progress is being made at Valdese Lakeside Park. The FVR Trail Blazers meet the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month at 9 am to work on the trail from the greenway to Meditation Point. Find us at the start of the greenway between the blue trail and the ribbon cutting area.

There are jobs for all abilities – digging out roots, raking trail clear, cutting out trail with a rogue hoe, hauling off down limbs, cutting briars. If that isn’t your cup of tea … the cove always needs cleaning. Continue reading