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Wicked Weed Brewery – Thanks!!

The Town of Valdese asked Friends of the Valdese Rec to serve beer at two “Concerts at the Rock” events (November 3 and November 30). To support their efforts to raise money for Valdese Lakeside Park, Wicked Weed Brewing stepped in to help. Thanks to the partnership, FVR made $464 from beers sales and tips – which will be doubled in our current Dollar for Dollar Match. In addition, FVR members sold concessions at the concerts (soda, water, snacks) and made an additional $185.01 for the FVR general fund.

Council Approves Grant Application

At the Valdese Town Council Meeting, Parks and Recreation Director Doug Knight presented details on the DEQ Water Resources grant the town could apply for to construct a greenway along Lake Rhodhiss and McGalliard Creek.

Friends of the Valdese Rec has been fundraising for park amenities and has money available to use for the match needed for the grant. The Council voted unanimously in favor of the town applying for the grant. Councilwoman Hildebran applauded FVR on their continued efforts to raise money for the project after the problems with the fire department building halted any possible tax increase or other funding from the town for the project.

Dollar for Dollar Gift Match Challenge

Thanks to an extremely generous offer from an anonymous donor, every contribution made to the Valdese Lakeside Park Project before December 31, 2018 will be matched dollar for dollar (up to $100K during this time).

As of 11/27/18 Donations Eligible for the Match = $9874

Your gift will help fund amenities (ex: greenway, parking, restrooms, picnic area, trails) at Valdese Lakeside Park. Several grants requiring matching funds are being applied for over the next few months which will grow your dollars even more!

Donate Today!

Make Double The Impact at Valdese Lakeside Park!

DEQ Official Visits VLP

An official with the  NC Department of Environmental Quality Water Resources  visited Valdese Lakeside Park and McGalliard Falls Park today help us understand what is needed for a winning grant score.  The $200K grant being applied for by Erin Schotte (WPCOG) on behalf of the town, will require matching funds of $200K and will be used for a greenway along the lake and creek. The official met at Town Hall with Town Manager Seth Eckard, Parks and Recreation Director Doug Knight, WPCOG Community & Economic Development Administrator Erin Schotte and FVR President Beth Heile before heading to the parks. New ideas from the day were a permeable parking area, rain gardens and making trail connections to other regions.

Funding VLP Amenities

Phase 1 of Valdese Lakeside Park will be built leveraging private donations to win grants applied for by the town.

Goal: $200K donations from community
Deadline: December 31, 2018
Amount after donations and grants:
$800K ($400K greenway + $400K amenities) to start building the park in early 2020 (if grants awarded) Continue reading

State Conservation Award for FVR President

Wildlife Volunteer of the Year Award was presented on Saturday, September 8 at the 55th Annual Governor’s Conservation Achievement Awards Banquet. The following statement was read to introduce Beth Heile –

Valdese, North Carolina is a small town of 5,000 folks, about eight miles east of Morganton, out where the Blue Ridge Mountains draw a green curtain across the sky. It’s a gorgeous location, but Valdese has seen more than its fair share of municipal challenges as furniture and manufacturing jobs have moved out. Then, in 2015, a 302-acre parcel on Lake Rhodhiss, just north of town, with 2 miles of waterfront access, was sold to a Colorado Company. To purchase the property for conservation purposes would require $365,000 of private contributions and matching funds to secure Clean Water and Parks & Recreation trust fund grants to save the property for use as a public park. That’s a lot of money for a small town. But among those 5,000 residents was Beth Heile. And Beth Heile sprang into action. Continue reading