Mountain Bike Trails


Frances Hildebran – $100
Katharine & Stewart Wright – $75
Tripp Garrou – $500
Alicia Burns – $500
In honor of David Andersen – (by Mandy Ide)

Fundraising is underway for Mountain Bike Trails at Valdese Lakeside Park.

FVR has hired a design firm to create a plan (shown on left) for 4-5 miles of trail that include beginner, intermediate and advanced options – everyone is on the same trail but can choose the skill level they are ready for at junctions. This will create an inclusive environment instead of choosing at the start of the ride if you are a “beginner” or “advanced” rider and going to different trails.

This will benefit students with different abilities and parents of children of different skills. With the new trails, we will start an after-school mountain bike club, and provide bikes for kids who need them. The hope is this will lead to a Mountain Bike PE class at the school and a love of getting healthy outside.

Having this amenity will also bring families with different interests and capabilities to the park for the whole day and everyone will have something to do that they enjoy. Whether is just walking the ADA greenway, fishing, hiking the more strenuous trails, picnicking, mountain biking or a mixture of several activities.

Construction is estimated at $250K. The $22K plan required by NC Land and Water Fund was covered by a state grant facilitated by Rep Blackwell.