The FVR year runs April 1 – March 31.  This list covers April 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024:

Park Improvements

Kayak Launch Fishing Pier
Shade sails and second picnic table at the dog park ($1400) installed by volunteers
New 0.6 mile Lakeside Loop Trail by volunteers
Economic Impact Study for VLP
Trail Markers purchased and installed by volunteers
Added Story Trail to NC Story Trail Map


Added 3 group hikes at VLP
Strut you Mutt
Free Concert at VLP Open Green
Free Monthly Lunch and Learns

6 Trail building days
Mulch Spreading
2 Weed eating


The FVR year runs April 1 – March 31.  This list covers April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023:

Funding and Hours

VLP To date  – for appraisal to start purchase negotiations, land purchase and amenities
Private Donations: $1,024,435, Grants: $1,477,300, Total Project: $2,501,735
(state grant funds and larger private/business donations went directly to Town of Valdese and not through FVR)

VLP Volunteer hours after January 31, 2018 closing (not promotional events, just work)

Park Improvements

Story Book Trail Installation ($6K) installed by volunteers
Greenway – Crushed Cinder ($250K)
Suspension Bridge ($200K)
Bimbo Bakeries Steps ($4K)
Dog Park – clearing, fence, sod, obstacles ($25K)
Worked with FCNC to purchase 5.8 acres north of Children’s Park ($40K)
Bench Program
True Outer Loop – BRIDGE Crew

Kellex Mulch and Gravel
FVR Mulch and Gravel
Paint back walls of Children’s Park
Rotary Workday
3 Trail building Workdays and Excavator Week for Trail
Workdays on Burke River Trail east of VLP
Cove Cleanup


Story Book Trail Ribbon Cutting
365 Challenge
Greenway – Crushed Cinder
McGalliard Falls 40th Anniversary Celebration
Lunch and Learn
Paint the Park
1st Sunday Group Hikes
Every Wed Morn Group Hike
Booth at McDowell Trails Expo
VLP Survey
5K, 10K and Fun Runs on Dec 31
Year of the Trail – First Day Outdoors
Pickleball Demo
Hosted Town Staff and Council at V:P
Free tennis for kids
Trail Camera – ongoing
Upper Catawba River Trail Mapping
Booth at Burke Trails Day


April 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022:

Interactive Mural at Children’s Park
Carnival at Children’s Park
Free Bowling and Snacks for kids and their families
9 Benches on Greenway
1.5 Miles new trail with 20 trail building days
Bimbo Landscaping Day at VLP ($5000)
Lane Lines Fundraising Match ($1800)
New Year’s Resolution Trail Runs
Ribbon Cutting for Phase 1 Amenities at VLP (parking, restrooms, greenway)
FVR Fund Created at Community Foundation
Muffins with the Mayor
Christmas Crafts with Kids – paint log slice ornaments
Conservation Kids – Craft
Community Picnic
Lovelady Rd Cleanup
Orienteering Event
1st Sunday Group Hikes

Valdese Lakeside Park Funding and Hours
Transferred $84,875 of park donations to Town of Valdese for Phase 1 that starts this year
$119,853.30 available for Bridge – need $40K
Applying for $250K RTP Grant for Mountain Biking Trails and Pump Track (did not receive)


April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021 (the year of COVID):

Funding and Hours

Paid $942 for survey to accept Valdese Weaver Gift of 6.77 acres at Lovelady Road

VLP To date (3-31-2021) – for appraisal to start purchase negotiations, land purchase and amenities
Private Donations: $850,815, Grants: $1,465,300, Total Project: $2,316,115
(state grant funds and larger private/business donations went directly to Town of Valdese)

VLP Volunteer hours after January 31, 2018 closing (not promotional events, just work)
2018: 330 hours — 2019: 388 hours — 2200: 736 hours; 2021 (thru 3/31): 329 hours

Raised $18K for Dog Park with Mull Foundation Grant and Farris Insurance support.

Trail Blazers Finishing Meditation Point Trail at Valdese Lakeside Park –
Grass Cutting/Cove at VLP – every other week
Lovelady Roadside Cleanup –
Clean up the River – By Boat –
Tree Stand Clearing Day – 75 volunteers

Park Beautification
1.5 miles by volunteers
Bimbo Landscaping

Trail Camera – ongoing
Conservation Kids – 5 events
Trail Blazers for HS – 18 events
Group Walks on the Greenway at VLP
Virtual 5K & 10K at Valdese Lakeside Park
Holiday Decorations outside Rec Bldg
Story Trail – 7 different weekly books – Dec – Feb
Sculling Interest Meeting
Mural at Children’s Park Meeting
November Groundbreaking at VLP
2 mile walking-exercise tour of downtown
First Citizen Rec Scholarships
Upper Catawba River Trail Mapping

Nothing due to COVID
Valdese Stitchery Hat Sale
Valdese Stitchery t-shirt Sale

Incoming Donations (other than money)
Porta John at VLP = Farris Insurance
2 Benches at VLP = Peter Skelton
Ducks (400) at VLP = Beth Heile
20 acres for McGalliard Creek Greenway  from Shaw-Tate and Caldwell Timber
6.77 acres at Lovelady Road from Valdese Weavers (FVR paid for survey)

FVR Involvement
Burke River Trail – Public Input Meeting  FVR Members attended
Burke River Trail Feasibility Study – Beth represented
FVR Members on Town Rec Commission
Burke County Chamber Member

Financial Report

Apr-2020 through Mar-2021

Membership – $595.00
Donations VLP & Bridge – $56,875.20
Donations  General Fund – $3,050.00
Grants – $7,051.89
Misc – $178.26
Revenue $67,750.35

Park Improvements – $1349.15
Events – $261.69
Programs – $190.86
Operating Expenses – $1412.63
Expenses $3,214.33


Projects since forming in 2015 before sorting by year

  • Created a park plan – ValdeseLakesideParkPlan– to show the benefits and features of the Valdese Lakeside Park (VLP). Met with officials to facilitate land purchase.
  • Raised money for the VLP land appraisal, land purchase and amenities.
  • Planted a Japanese Maple, ice plants and hostas in planters in front of Rec Building.
  • Free Family Fun at the Falls – lunch, crafts, learning stations
  • Community Picnic at Valdese Lakeside Park
  • January 1 – 5K & 10K Trails Runs at VLP
  • Had a cleanup day at McGalliard Falls – cut over grown trees, piled up all limbs, picked up trash.
  • Monthly Workdays at Valdese Lakeside Park.
  • Hosted a technology help session on how to use smart phones, tablets, laptops.
  • Held trash pick-up along Falls Rd/Church St as a part of NC Litter Sweep (2 times).
  • Painted Children’s Park Building.
  • Donated to Scorer’s Tables at Fletcher Field
  • Monthly Walks on the Greenway
  • Tails & Trails on the Greenway
  • Sent reps to each WalkRCV meeting.
  • Under the direction of Councilman Delp and his wife, had several planting sessions at McGalliard Falls with approximately 20 shrubs/trees and 400 flowers/bulbs planted (donated from community).
  • Worked with 2 Girl Scouts on their Silver Project – Bird Sanctuary at McGalliard Falls. 50 birdhouses built, welcome sign, 11 crepe myrtles, 7 rose of Sharon, 7 echinacea, 4 black eye susans, 2 clematis, 2 sedums, 5 stella de ora, 4 hostas, 3 loropetalum, 9 liriope, 3 tall grasses. Continuing watering and weed killing.
  • Wrote letter to support town’s free WiFi grant application–how it would benefit parks. Grant awarded.
  • Spoke at the August Town Council Meeting in favor of getting loan to complete Splash Park. Also, presented 3 more speakers and 20 audience participants with signs.
  • Made suggestions of how to renovate the tennis courts at McGalliard Falls. Had pump track consult.
  • Met with Rec Department to make recommendations on playground equipment at splash park
  • Held 3 free workshops for Seniors to create Living Will and Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Helped physically with landscaping at new splash park. Paid for 8 dogwoods to be installed.
  • Hosted Focus Group sessions for input on Valdese Lakeside Park
  • Provided trail mix, waters and tours at Ribbon Cutting
  • Helped groups organize cleanups on streets and at parks
  • Hosted Memory Cafe Monthly in 2018 with Rotary
  • Cleanups at VLP and continued grass cutting, trail clearing
  • National Trails Day Event at VLP for community