Trail Building Continues

After 6 trail building workdays, amazing progress is being made at Valdese Lakeside Park. The FVR Trail Blazers meet the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month at 9 am to work on the trail from the greenway to Meditation Point. Find us at the start of the greenway between the blue trail and the ribbon cutting area.

There are jobs for all abilities – digging out roots, raking trail clear, cutting out trail with a rogue hoe, hauling off down limbs, cutting briars. If that isn’t your cup of tea … the cove always needs cleaning.

We provide the tools and trash bags. You just bring gloves and wear work clothes and closed toe shoes.

For more on why we are doing this and steps to trail building.

Thanks to our Trail Blazers

March 21 – Sam, Debbie, Reed, Beth, Eric, Tim, Susan, Mike B, Val, Scott
March 7 – Spence, Sam, Val, Eric, Beth, Susan, Debbie, Rick, Tom, Zakk, Rachel, Nathan, Reed
Feb 15 – Spence, Sam, Val, Eric, Ted, Beth, Susan, Debbie
Feb 1 – Beth, Eric, Sam, Debbie, Scott, Val, Tom, Spence, Susan
Jan 18 – Beth, Eric, Sam, Debbie, Gloria, Scott, Val, Tom, Spence, Zakk
Jan 4 – Mike, Tyler, Amy, Addison P, Beth, Sam, Rachel, Eric, Debbie
Dec 28 – Beth, Eric, Sam, Debbie, Lisa, Rick, Zakk, Val, Scott, Addison W, Don, Joyce, Rachel, Joshua
Dec 24 – Val, Scott, Beth, Eric, Zakk