Kellex Work Day at VLP

Employees of Kellex Seating participated in an all day volunteer work session at Valdese Lakeside Park – complete with chain saws and a chipper! The cove that community volunteers cleared of trash in March, now needed to be cleared of dead wood. As with the earlier cleanup, members of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation attended the Kellex Work Day to share their expertise. Ten employees of Kellex spent the day hauling, sawing, chipping and loading wood from an area that eventually will become the kayak launch and fishing pier area of the park. The day was not a one time effort, Kellex plans another work day with a different set of employees in November. This is not Kellex’s first involvement with Valdese Lakeside Park. Last year, they committed $100K to the project to help finalize the 300 acre land purchase in January and to add to park amenities fund. Friends of the Valdese Rec, Inc. is continuing to fundraise for amenities at the park with the goal to reach $200K by December 31, 2018 to match grants being applied for. Donate

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