Growing Amenities Money

Goal: $200K donations from community for Valdese Lakeside Park
Deadline: April 1, 2019
Why: To show grant officials our continued community support, to be eligible for large awards that require matching money and to grow our $200K to $800K.
How: Read on….

  • Gather $200K in donations from the community by April 1, 2019.
  • Use the community’s $200K as matching money for a $200K greenway along the waer grant from the state – DEQ (North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality). A 10ft wide crushed fine greenway along the lake and creek would be built (if awarded). Application due Dec 31, 2018.
  • Take that $400K (if awarded) and use it as matching money for a $400K NC PARTF Grant. Application due May 1, 2019. This grant is for $400K in amenities.
  • The town will have $800K (grown from local donations of $200K) to start building the park (if awarded).

In addition, the Duke Energy Water Resources Grant and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Grant will be explored.

Friends of the Valdese Rec spoke to the Burke County Board of Commissioners on May 29 about paying for the kiosk ($6K) (the request was not put in the county’s 2018-2019 Budget) and will apply for a grant from the Community Foundation of Burke County to pay half the dog park ($9K) in 2019 – if that lines up with PARTF request.

New Possibility: There is a Blue Ridge National Heritage Area Grant – due Oct 1 – that could be used for Interpretive trail signs highlighting forest ecology, resources, wildlife – including the rare dwarf heatleaf plant and Carolina Crayfish, water quality (maybe explaining how water plant and waste water plant on are each side of trail).  This could be $10K and needs matching.

The town is on the list with North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission to have them install an ADA kayak/canoe launch and fishing pier (fully funded). We will know in July 2019 if awarded.

We are still looking into ways to fund the 200 foot bridge across McGalliard Creek to complete the trail from McGalliard Falls Park to Valdese Lakeside Park. Cost would be around $250K.

There is no need to stop at $200K – the more money we have, the better the chances of getting the grants. And, the more amenities we can build! Destination by Design is working on phasing the project.

From the $108,082, FVR helped raise for park amenities in 2017, we have spent $20,375 on a park plan. So, the remaining $87,707 will count toward our $200K+.

Let’s get started. Donate Now!

Valdese Lakeside Park Project Account Balances (from donations)

 FVR VLP Account  Town VLP Account  Pledges Coming In

 $38,082 – $20,375 (Park Plan)
=$17,707 (on hand)

$40,000 (on hand) $27,500 Fall 2018
$2,500 July 2019

Original Post – May 21.
Updated June 9 to change DEQ and CFBC application dates.
Updated July 5 to note we did not get funding from Burke County and Blue Ridge National Heritage Area Grant possibility.

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