Orienteering at Valdese Lakeside Park

For the June 2 Trails Day Event, Santis Limezs created an Orienteering Event to help explore the park trails in a fun way. Santis placed 9 markers on the trail, handed out maps to the participants and recorded their departure time – and return time to see who completed the event with the best time.  Using mountain bikes (you can also walk or run the course), these were the best times

Holden Curry (49 minutes)
Jason Feimster (52 min)
Bearcats Team – Jaxon and Ethan (54 min)

This is the map Santis created, so you can try it on your own….

Here is a collage of one method to get all the markers….

Directions to VLP

A 10th marker was added later at the end of the greenway.

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