Splash Park – You Made it Happen!!

Are you excited about the new splash park that will open on Tuesday, July 18? If so, thank your neighbor!

Input from the community made this park happen. Here are a few examples:

1) The Parks and Rec Comprehensive Plan, based on a written survey and 3 focus group meetings in December, 2012, found that people wanted a park downtown with splash pad, playground and picnic area – and they wanted the exercise options at the Rec expanded (which the multi-purpose building will allow).

2) After trouble with bids the project was almost canceled. At the August 2016 Town Council Meeting, a vote was to be held as to whether the town should get a loan to go forward or cancel the project.  20 people attended the meeting in support and 5 community members spoke during the open forum. Due to the community input, the council voted unanimously to approve the loan to complete the splash park and multipurpose building.

3) In December, 2016, the community was invited to meet with Doug Knight, Director of Valdese Parks and Rec, to provide feedback on the playground choices for the park. There were options from 3 companies. Those at the meeting helped make the decision!

The Town of Valdese listens!

Get involved, answer surveys, attend meetings, make things happen.

More about the opening

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