Mural Dedication

Children’s Park in Valdese has a new interactive mural thanks to a local donor. Friends of the Valdese Rec (FVR) had been looking for a way to liven up Children’s Park in Valdese and thought a painted mural was the answer. After seeing Sam’s Recycled Art pieces around the area, FVR decided metal silhouettes of children with a painted background provided the ultimate solution. For funding, FVR spoke to members of the community until they found the perfect match.

The family of the late Glenn Richard Zimmerman was looking for a way to recognize Zimmerman for the countless times he helped those who needed a hand up. Brought up extremely poor in Valdese in a home that had no plumbing, Zimmerman knew what it meant to go without food and necessities. After working hard over the years to become a successful businessman, he quietly gave back to families and children when the opportunity presented itself. As a realtor he would forgo his commission if it would help a family secure their first home and as a landlord, he would be patient with tenants if they came upon a rough patch. And there are many stories to tell of the hitch hikers he often brought home for a home cooked meal. The admirable trait of Zimmerman was that he usually helped strangers or people he just met, who seemed down on their luck, not in programs or asking for help, but just needed someone to give them a boost. Many lives were changed because of his discreet generosity.

Brightening up a part of Valdese with the mural is the perfect way to remember Zimmerman and his efforts to brighten up families’ lives when they needed it most. The mural is painted on 2 walls of the picnic shelter and there is a hopscotch board painted on the walkway that leads to the mural. The family donated $4500 to make the mural possible and Sam’s Recycled Art donated some of their time and talents. Thanks also goes to the Town of Valdese Council who gave permission for this project.

Glenn Richard Zimmerman Family (l-r) Zakk Heile, Beth Heile, Melinda Zimmerman, Barry Zimmerman, Patricia Zimmerman, Julie Zimmerman, Derrick Killian, Eric Heile

A dedication of the mural was held on Sunday, March 20 with the Zimmerman family. As part of the event, FVR hosted a free carnival for kids that included games, prizes and cotton candy. Children’s Park is at the intersection of Torre Pellice St and Hwy 70 on the east side of town.

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