Geocache at Parks

Treasure hunting in Valdese?? You bet. Geocaches are hidden all around our parks (and town). Not sure what this Hike and Seek adventure is all about. You just need an app on your phone and a willingness to explore.

Geocaching is for everyone. When you find a geocache, open it up to see what is inside. If you take a trinket, you should replace it with something else!

The picture on the left is a grandfather out exploring with his grandkids at Valdese Lakeside Park and a located geocache container with goodies.

What is Geocaching

Wes Presnell (and Wanda) for led a Geocache Class at Valdese Lakeside Park today (pictured below). They have placed most of the 19 geocaches at Valdese Lakeside Park. The class taught the basics and then attendees went searching for treasure and got some exercise along the way. Get the app and give it a try!

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