Fundraiser at the Festival

FVR sold beer as a fundraiser during the Waldensian Festival. Volunteers were at the Town’s Beer Garden in the Wells Fargo Parking Lot Friday (5-11 pm) and Saturday (Noon-11 pm). They sold¬†$3 – Bud Light, Catawba Brewing White Zombie, Olde Hickory Brewery Ruby Lager.


A table was also set up with membership materials, Valdese Lakeside Park information, programs going on at the Rec, t-shirts and the like.

Proceeds from the sales went to the the FVR General Fund.¬†Examples of what we use our money for…
Dogwood Trees at Splash Park
Scorers’ Tables Materials at Fletcher Field
Entrance Signs & Trail Markers at VLP
Plantings at Rec Building
Host Events – Trails Day, Memory Cafe, Living Will and Healthcare Power of Attorney

After paying for the beer, license and background check – $490.24 will go into the general fund. $40 from tips/donations will go to park amenities.

Thanks to all our volunteers to faced rain, heat or both.












This year, the Beer Garden was not be a fenced area – but a larger square. See the cup for details. The distributor was Barringer.