Destination By Design Chosen for Master Park Plan

At the October Council Meeting, Eric Woolridge of Destination by Design presented their service options and what they could offer the Town of Valdese in a Master Park Plan. Beth Heile, President of Friends of the Valdese Rec, spoke in support of selecting DbD as the design firm. The Valdese Town Council voted in favor.

Friends of the Valdese Rec, Inc. and the Town of Valdese will split the cost of the Master Park Plan.

Why do we need a master park design plan?

  • To ensure we follow the restrictions of the grants – ex: clean water – we cannot upset areas with endangered plants. If we break the restrictions, we will forfeit the money.
  • To be eligible for future amenities grants – agencies want to see a master plan to show that you know where the money will be used.
  • To make the park a “destination” that people will want to visit again and again. The plan will include branding, styling and a cohesive look.
  • To be able to host regional and state events for disc golf, cross country, mountain bike and the like by meeting specs of each organization.
  • To help with fundraising – know cost of large items for naming rights, unique display of individual donors.
  • To have a layout for volunteers to come in and do the manual labor – if you had every group on the land trying to build their own trail (bike, hike, disc golf) – it would be chaos.
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