Grant Opportunities

To purchase the park land, the town received grants from the following state agencies PARTF and CWMTF.

We are now preparing a list of grants the town can apply for to built the park. Let us know if you have others to add to the list. Will be exploring

Entire Park



Disc Golf

  • EDGE, the Educational Disc Golf Experience



North Carolina Native Plant Society



Erin submitted the DEQ grant on Dec 31.
Have plans to do —
PARTF is due May 1 with awards in August. (amenities)
RTP  – – March 2 deadline last year
What about these — Should Erin start making contact with these groups to get the town’s name in the mix?
Urban & Community Forestry Grant Program
*****Must attend a class in January** date is not on web site – Workshop Dates – Jan 22 or later
App Due Mar 31, – greenway development or dog park
People for Bikes
Online Letter of Interest due:    January 18, 2019
Duke Energy Habitat Enhancement Program:
May 1 – July 31 – $15K ish – plantings – maybe for our rain gardens –
NCWF said they could help us pick something to apply for at VLP
Duke Energy Foundation – Category: Nature
Application period open May 1 – July 31; grant decisions by Sept. 30
-Water quality, quantity, conservation and access
-Habitat and forest restoration and conservation
Duke Energy Water Resources
Letter of Inquiry due April 1st or Oct 1st – if they like you they will invite full application
-Improve water quality, quantity and conservation
-Enhance fish and wildlife management habitats
-Expand public use and access to waterways
-Increase citizens’ awareness about their roles in protecting water resources
Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation – must get on e-mail list
Grant opportunities are announced on a periodic basis, so please sign up for email alerts.