FVR365 – Register

Challenge yourself in 2023 to get out on a Valdese Trail!! #FVR365

Walk. Run. Hike. 365 Miles in 365 Days.

  • $10 Registration
  • Long Sleeve t-shirt at beginning
  • Prizes for completing 365 miles
  • Everyone will be able to see your progress
  • Get miles in Valdese (parks, streets, treadmill) – as much as possible
  • January 1 – December 31, 2023

To get started use the Form to provide (Registration is CLOSED)

  1. Trail Name (or real name) that will be shown to public
  2. Your Email address
  3. T-shirt size

Send your $10 by mail, paypal, facebook, etc.

You can start the challenge anytime in 2023…… and add your past miles.