Two-mile Downtown Valdese Walking-Exercise Tour

Location Exercise Next
1- Valdese Rec (312 Massel Ave) Warmup-Stretches West down Massel Ave
2- The Arrival (102 Massel Ave) Marching or high knees Go through Town Hall parking lot, north Rodoret
3 – Museum (208 Rodoret St) Squats or jumping squats East on St Germain, North on Italy, West on Main
4 – Centennial Park & Fountain Push ups – hands on a bench Continue west
5 – Jacumin Plaza Lunges – use bench if needed Continue west
6 – Old Rock School (1 mile) Triceps dips on bench
(More: run steps, walk track)
East on Main
7 – Mural at Rodoret Jumping Jacks or burpees East on Main
8 – Village Mural Standing oblique crunch West on Main, South on Laurel
9 – Les Phares Des Alpes Standing hamstring curl Back to rec
1 – Valdese Rec Stretches Again!?!?

Walk, run, lunge, side step, skip or whatever in between stations!